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&& Espoo Theatre is maintained by the Espoo City Theatre Foundation, where both the City of Espoo and the Espoo City Theatre Support Association are represented. The foundation is represented and managed by a board, which serves a term of 2 years. The board also includes representation from the theatre staff.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Espoo City Theatre Foundation SR 2022–2023

Paula Viljakainen, Chair of the Board
Sampo Kauranne
Markus Hotakainen
Helena Tommola
Oskari Kolehmainen
Teresia Volotinen, Representative of the Support Association
Annika Huhtala, Staff representative

Personal Deputy Members of the Board:
Krista Rissanen (Viljakainen)
Håkan Blomberg (Kauranne)
Kaisa Anttila (Hotakainen)
Hannele Krohn (Tommola)
Timo Immonen (Kolehmainen)
Leo Eskola (Volotinen)
Karel Vedro (Huhtala)

Support Association

The Support Association of && Espoo Theatre was established in January 1984. Initially, the association focused its efforts on launching theatre activities in Espoo. For this purpose, a foundation was established with the participation of both the City of Espoo and the theatre's support association. The theatre activities began in May 1989, coinciding with the opening of the Espoo Cultural Centre in Tapiola.

The objectives of the Support Association are to:

Promote, develop, and support the art of theatre in Espoo
Raise awareness about the activities of && and
Enhance its operational conditions in every possible way

The members of the Support Association are active individuals who attend their theatre productions, engage in theatre-related discussions in Espoo, embark on exploratory trips to other Finnish theatres, and deepen their understanding of both art and music. The annual membership fee for an individual member is 25 euros. As a member, you can enjoy benefits such as discounts on theatre tickets and the opportunity to participate in excursions and events. Join as a member on the association's website and become part of the activities!

Support Association website