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&& Espoo Theatre is a theatre but is has also evolved into something beyond that. It has grown into a platform for new ways of thinking and become a vibrant meeting place for people, ideas, and societal and artistic influences. It is a spiritual home for diverse groups of people of various ages, backgrounds, and nationalities.

&&strategy 2022–2027

&& Espoo Theatre was established in 1988. We are the only theatre in our hometown dedicated to adults, and we proudly showcase the most international works in the Finnish theatre scene. Our annual repertoire features around 20 diverse and captivating performances, with the number of showings reaching up to 150.

Our mission is to utilise the power of performing arts to support people to achieve their good life. && Espoo Theatre fulfills its mission when it produces and brings to stage high-quality domestic and international performing arts productions of diverse genres. && proactively engages in wide-ranging collaborations in the arts and culture sector, and, consistent with its values, acts as a platform enabling connections between people. The theatre is a force for pluralism, and it fosters an ecosystem benefitting all arts.

Our keys to success:

Impactful content and meaningful connections. We thrive by creating unique and memorable encounters for people.

Visibility, differentiation, and presence. We succeed when we are true to ourselves, distinctively different. We are the reference point and the example.

Topicality and continuous improvement. We thrive when we have the ability to evolve and adapt to new situations and changing circumstances. We make change visible and comprehensible through our own actions.


Quality: Quality is woven into each activity undertaken by the theatre. Aiming for high quality is not restricted to artistic output, or to activities related to producing, customer service, or sales, but it is an integral part of all that takes place within the theatre. Improving quality is a key aspect of everyday operation of the theatre.

Creativity: && aims to foster innovation and creativity in all its activities and in every process. Creativity equals curiosity and open-mindedness; it is interest in new phenomena, in new artistic forms, and it is fearlessness. Where necessary, the theatre steps out of its comfort zone. Espoo City Theatre accepts taking considered risks, and even potentially failing.

Closeness: Closeness is connected to respect for all. It is about the way in which the theatre connects with its audiences, and it is also about the theatre as a workplace and a community. Closeness is also about accessibility. In everything it does, Espoo City Theatre is on the side of the people.

Openness: The theatre supports tolerance and views openness as the best way to develop Finnish

&& is more than our name – it is our philosophy and purpose.&&strategy