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We commit to mitigating our environmental impact.


The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation’s EcoCompass certificate scheme helps organisations communicate their commitment to environmental management. The certificate is granted to organisations that have created an EcoCompass plan and passed an independent expert audit. EcoCompass requirements include annual reporting, development monitoring, and regularly updating aims. Organisations that hold an EcoCompass are subject to re-evaluation audits every five years.

&&’s Environmental Pledge

We commit to mitigating our environmental impact. We share the City of Espoo’s aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

We delegated environmental aims to our teams, with each team taking responsibility for sensible resource management within their sector. We have already begun cutting back our energy and materials use, mitigating waste, and addressing travel-related carbon emissions. We commit to increasing environmental awareness among our audiences. We actively communicate our steps forward. We engage our visitors, partner organisations, and audiences, and invite each to do what is in their power to contribute to this common cause.

We recognise that environmental choices are multifaceted. For that reason, we train our staff. Making use of the best available information, we educate and challenge ourselves to act ecologically to the best of our ability.

Five-pronged approach to Environmental Pledge:

• Cutting our electricity usage by 5% by 2027 from its 2019 level
• Cutting down travel-related carbon emissions
• Reducing material environmental impact
• Reducing environmental impact from catering and hospitality functions
• Increasing the efficacy of sustainability messaging

Making common cause with audiences

Our audiences are part of the solution. Bar Juoru has given up meat products and many imported goods have been replaced by locally sourced alternatives. We aim to minimise food waste.

We work towards making arriving on public transport as convenient as possible. We are currently securing improved signage from Tapiola to make choosing public transport easy.

We also ask everyone visiting us to suggest ways to improve our performance!

Photo: Asphodel Meadows / Jo Hislop