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Due to the construction sites in Tapiola, finding us can be challenging. Read the updated arrival instructions here!

Ensure the venue of your performance

Did you know that we have two venues in Tapiola, located about 1 km apart, on opposite sides of the metro station? Make sure you know the correct venue from your ticket or the performance website before you leave!

If you're coming to Tapiola by metro, check these arrival instructions on the metro platform to head in the right direction immediately and avoid getting lost in the depths of the shopping center.

Walking route from the metro to &&Revontuli – video guide

Address: Revontulentie 8, Tapiola

Walking route from the metro to &&Louhi – video guide

Address: Espoo Cultural Centre (Espoon kulttuurikeskus), Kulttuuriaukio 2, Tapiola

We're sorry for the inconvenience

We understand that navigating in Tapiola can be difficult.

We would like to guide you through the entire route from the metro station to both venues, but permit issues require collaboration with many different entities, and things are progressing frustratingly slowly.

We will do our best to provide guidance in the areas of the route that we can influence. Have a safe journey, and we look forward to seeing you!


Revontulentie 8, Tapiola

From the metro to &&Revontuli: Choose the Itätuuli escalator at Tapiola metro platform. After the escalators, turn right and pass the elevators on the right to the U-floor. Exit through the outdoor doors next to the elevator and follow the directions to the theatre. The initial part is guided with pink arrows, and afterward with official black and white signs.

By bus: The nearest stop to &&Revontuli is Tuuliniitty, where bus number 510 stops, among others. The theatre is visible from the bus stop.

By bike or car: There are several free parking spaces on the &&Revontuli yard on performance nights and Saturdays, and one accessible parking space. During office hours on weekdays, there are two free 15-minute customer parking spaces in front of the door. There is also a bike rack in front of the door.


Espoo Cultural Centre, Kulttuuriaukio 2, Tapiola

From the metro to &&Louhi: Choose the Länsituuli exit from the metro platform, take the escalators all the way up to street level, and follow the signs towards Espoo Cultural Centre. The first sign is green on the wall, and the rest are official black and white signs.

By bike or car: There are paid parking spaces and a bike park in the Cultural Centre's yard. Additional parking is available in the Kaupinkallio and Tapiola Park paid parking garages. There are two accessible parking spaces in front of the main entrance.

Changes in the routes?

We strive to keep the instructions on this page up to date. Please let us know if you notice any deficiencies in the guidance.

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