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Espoo City Theatre’s board unanimously agreed to appoint Jussi Sorjanen as the theatre’s next Artistic Director. Sorjanen will assume the role at the conclusion of current Director Erik Söderblom’s term in August 2024. Coinciding with the appointment, the theatre overhauls its organisational management structure with Chief Financial Officer Matilda von Weissenberg becoming Managing Director.

Jussi Sorjanen (b.1986) has worked as an artistic director and director across Finland and internationally. Sorjanen made his start as, at the time, the youngest ever Finnish artistic director at Theatre Vanha Juko in Lahti. He specialises in international collaborations and facilitating co-productions and visiting programmes. Currently, Sorjanen is the Director of Viirus Theatre in Helsinki. At Viirus, he has, among other things, co-developed one of Finland’s most extensive visiting programmes, Viirus GUEST, with a special emphasis on showcasing young and non-subsidised theatre practitioners and groups.

“Espoo Theatre is an incredibly exciting theatre, and its Artistic Directorship is a dream job for me,” says Sorjanen. “I believe in performing arts that communicate, and arouse something in us: feelings, thoughts, conversations, annoyance, enjoyment, excitement! My programming rationale prioritises theatre’s societal relevance, and performances that not only participate in societal discourses but contribute creatively to them. It is important that performances communicate with their audiences, and the wider world, with as much force and delicacy as possible.”

Espoo City Theatre’s board further decided that Jussi Sorjanen is joined at the helm by Matilda von Weissenberg who will assume the role of Managing Director on Aug 1, 2024. In the reorganisation of the management structure, the role of Chief Financial Officer will be phased out with commensurate responsibilities and duties migrated over to the Managing Director. Matilda von Weissenberg has held the role of CFO at the theatre since 2020. Previously, she has worked as the CFO of Viirus Theatre and as the Regional Artist of Uusimaa province.

“I love this theatre. The human-scale organisation is based on human contact; here, we have all the opportunities and challenges one tends to only dream of. I will do everything in my power to ensure the theatre is in the best possible place to meet its future. I’m delighted by the opportunity to collaborate with Jussi. He is a skilled manager who knows how to listen to others, and who possess the right kind of energy stores and relevant experience for this role!” comments von Weissenberg.