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The Espoo Cultural Centre is expanding with the addition of new spaces for Espoo Theatre. The Espoo City Council approved the project plan for the theater hall with a vote of 67-8 during its meeting on November 21, 2022.

The currently used facilities for the theatre in Revontulentie are coming to the end of their lifecycle. Discussions about the theater's spaces have been ongoing in Espoo for decades, and even during the planning of Espoo Cultural Centre, the question of a theater hall was under consideration.

"Espoo is a rapidly developing city, and cultural venues need to grow in line with this development. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of finally providing Espoo City Theatre with proper facilities," says Cultural Director Susanna Tommila.

Espoo Cultural Centre has been a central hub for culture in Espoo, and its position is being further reinforced.

"I see that the new theater hall will enhance the vitality of Espoo and Tapiola. The new theater facilities will also enable new forms of collaboration between the city theater and Espoo Cultural Centre, along with its various participants."

In the future, Espoo Cultural Centre will continue to be a vibrant and community-oriented place, brimming with surprising experiences in the realm of diverse culture and art.

"The new theatre hall introduces a fresh cultural rendezvous spot to Espoo. Our aim is to have cultural spaces that cater comprehensively to a variety of cultural enthusiasts."Susanna Tommila, Cultural Director

The facilities enable the continuity of the theatre

The modern facility adjacent to the cultural centre is a tremendous opportunity for the theatre, which has been producing top-notch performing arts in Espoo for years, despite its spatial constraints. With a clear vision for the future, it enables the continuity of operations and sustainable planning.

In the new space, the theatre can better realize its diverse programme, encompassing not only traditional theatre but also other performing arts genres like circus, musical theatre, performance art, and dance. This new setting allows the theatre to offer an even more diverse perspective on the performing arts, catering to various audiences.

The project was discussed in the Cultural Committee on September 20, 2022, and in the City Board on October 10 and 31, 2022. The construction of the theatre hall could begin in 2024, with the hall becoming operational in the autumn season of 2027. On November 21st, the City Council decided that the new building will be designed as an independently functioning entity, allowing its use to continue during the renovation of the old part of the cultural centre, which is planned for the future. Additionally, the City Council expressed a wish for considerations such as pedestrian and cycling routes to be incorporated into the project's further planning.

Erik Söderblom, the Director of Espoo City Theatre, sees the new theatre hall as a particularly exciting opportunity for Espoo:

"We want to collaboratively create a platform for new thinking with the people of Espoo, a vibrant meeting place for individuals, ideas, phenomena, and artistic currents. It will become a shared intellectual home for people of different ages, societal backgrounds, and cultural origins. The new building will add a beautiful chapter to the story of Espoo!"