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Comment section + branded beer can = & Pils

Our theatre's brand renewal and new name (pronounced 'Et') stirred emotions and discussions – as it should in the world of art and cultural institutions! We received customer feedback from all directions, and the matter was discussed in various national media outlets. We gathered the best comments and, in collaboration with Olarin Panimo, created a beer for the delight of our audience. While enjoying the excellent brew from a local brewery, you can also appreciate the various forms of the new visual identity and the diversity of opinions on the side of the can.

“Olarin Panimo swears by the uniqueness of Espoo, and that's why it was very cool to collaborate with another bold Espoo institution, &&. We are delighted to produce the new & Pils, which is a beer that is refreshing, original, and daring, just like the institution formerly known as Espoo City Theatre, now &&. Risks must be taken!” describes Tommi Koistinen, the CEO of Olarin Panimo.

Karel Vedro, the manager of Bar Juoru, describes the beer: “This skillfully crafted pils from Olarin Panimo carries both a full-bodied mouthfeel and a citrusy freshness at the same time. When we discussed the && beer with the brewery, it was important that the beer would appeal to as many theatre guests as possible. The beer has received praise, and the labels on the cans are also delightful.”

& Pils is available during &&Revontuli performances at Bar Juoru. Come over, taste it, and share your interpretation of the && graphics with us!

“Nice. Tapeworm on acid” &&audience