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On the performance pages, you'll find information about content warnings for each performance. Please let us know during ticket reservation if you require a wheelchair space or a seat within the induction loop area. The ticket for a personal assistant or interpreter is free of charge. Secure your tickets well in advance through our box office!

Call: 09 4393 388

&&Revontuli accessibility

In the yard of &&Revontuli, there are several free parking spaces available on performance nights and Saturdays, along with one accessible parking space. During office hours on weekdays, there are two free 15-minute customer parking spots in front of the entrance.

Wheelchair spaces at &&Revontuli are located at the front row. Access from the entrance to the front row is barrier-free.

The restrooms at &Revontuli (including one accessible and gender-neutral restroom) are situated on the second floor, accessible by an elevator. In the same floor, you'll find the theater hall and the ticket office.

The entrance area of the venue is flat with a wide doorway. The main entrance has a 4 cm high threshold and does not have an automatic opening mechanism. There is an elevator in the lobby without an automatic opening mechanism. If there's no attendant in the lobby, you can call our ticket office at 09 4393 388, and we'll assist you with opening the doors.

&&Louhi Accessibility

When arriving for performances at &&Louhi, you have access to two accessible parking spaces in front of the main entrance of Espoo Cultural Centre. Additionally, there are accessible spaces available in the paid parking garages of Kaupinkallio and Tapiola Park.

The main entrance of the Cultural Centre is accessible, and one of the entrance doors opens automatically.

Inside Espoo Cultural Centre, you'll find several accessible restroom facilities. The most spacious one is located near the cloakrooms of Tapiola Hall.

Wheelchair spaces at &&Louhi are situated in the upper rows of the auditorium. Access to these spaces is provided by an elevator, and our lobby personnel are ready to assist if needed. Please note that wheelchair spaces are limited and should be reserved in advance through the &&Theatre Box Office.

Induction Loop

Induction loops are available at both &&Revontuli and &&Louhi. Please mention your need for an induction loop when making your ticket reservation. The coverage area may vary based on the auditorium and the performance.

Sign language interpretation

We arrange sign language interpretation for a performance at the theatre approximately once a year. We also aim to assist customers who bring their own sign language interpreter or audio describer. Please contact the Theatre Box Office well in advance so we can ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible!

Scent-free performances

We organize scent-free performances annually, specifically aimed at individuals with allergies and fragrance sensitivities. We kindly ask both our audience and staff to refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, and other scented products when coming to the theatre.

In Finland, there are around half a million scent-sensitive individuals who can experience headaches, nausea, or other symptoms due to strong scents from people nearby. Minimizing the use of fragrances is a small gesture that can greatly improve the comfort of those around you. We appreciate your consideration!

The scent-free performance for the Autumn 2023 season is the evening performance of Ask the Sisters on November 22nd at 7 PM.

Please note that theatrical smoke is often used in performances, including scent-free ones.