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Registration for the stream ends 12 March.

Fri 15 March 2024 15.00-18.00 (UTC+2)
& Espoo Theatre/ The International Theatre of Finland
Revontulentie 8, Espoo, Finland

Cold winds are blowing across Europe, and across the world. Over the last five years, we have witnessed right-wing populist parties and coalitions gaining more visibility, and more power. This has led to a shift across the entire political landscape. Not unrelated to this shift, calling to mind bleeding wounds that do not heal, we have become spectators to merciless wars where crushing civilian life seems to have become the leading strategy. At the same time, and including the so-called free Western societies, we see an increased tendency among politicians and officials to intervene with content, even the definition, of art.

The state of play cries out for theatre makers to take a stand. But we stay strangely silent. Why? The reasons for this reticence are not uniform but vary from country to country.

We have summoned theatre makers from different parts of Europe to come together to share their views on this topic. The seminar - a part of &FEST – FOCUS GENT - aims to shed light on the very complex situation we face today.

The event is organized by & Espoo Theatre and the Nordic Theatre network Yggdrasil.

The seminar will be streamed.


Keynote - Kristof Blom/Campo ‭‬‬‬‬

Outcry - Anonymous/Moscow

Keynote - Lotta Lekvall/VD Folkteatern Göteborg

Outcry - Gosia Wdowik/Poland

Panel discussion moderated by Erik Söderblom with

Otso Kautto
Susanna Kuparinen
Pauli Rautiainen

We welcome all the participants to join us after seminar to the performance of the evening and later on our &FEST - FOCUS GENT festival party at the same location.

Cuckoo by Jaha Koo 19.00 - info & tickets

Yggdrasil Nordic Theatre network is a collaboration forum consisting of some of the Nordic countries top theatre companies, institutions, festivals and independent artists. The network unites development-orientated organizations and institutions with the same strategic goals and ambitions. The networks mission is to function as a research and development department for innovation within the Nordic performing art, and the Nordic audiences of tomorrow. Project coordinator: Johanna Welander,